When it rains, it pours. Potholes.

The Fill in the Potholes Project began as a humorous take on the sorry state of roads in Mumbai, so as to drive the attention of people and authorities alike towards this grave problem; in an unusual way of filling them with stories, where potholes are the protagonists.

What initially started as a fun project is now attempting a solution - to fill the potholes together. However, in order to fill the potholes you have to mark them first. What if citizens are given the responsibility and power to report and track potholes spread across the city? This thought led to an idea, "Spothole App" (Working title: Pothole Watch). A Mobile App, to enable citizens to report the GPS location of a pothole through their smartphones. This data will help authorities to identify the problem areas and speed up the process of filling up potholes, averting the plethora of problems that arrive with these craters.

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