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Crowdfunding @ Wishberry

The Fill in the Potholes Project raised Rs 1,22,100 from 22 backers with a crowdfunding campaign at Wishberry to develop the Spothole App. The App is currently a pilot project in Mumbai that encourages you to be better citizens by tracking and reporting potholes across the city, which in turn enables the respective authorities to take action and fill in the potholes, thus making the roads safe for everybody.

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Co-creators of Spothole app

  • Edward Katchira Jyoti Patil
  • Lokesh Khemani Mats Isenberg
  • Rupesh Mandal Sunil Chandak

Friends and Well-wishers

Aarshna Mehta, Batul Kapasi, Kashif Memon, Arnab Mitra, Mathew Belliraj, Rajesh Pandey, URL aka Earl, Avani, Shayon Pal, Sakshi Chopra, Isaac Prasadam, Sandip Ghosh, Nikhil Fernandes, Ulhas Shringare, Nikesh Tripathi, Dipesh Pithava and Sugar the dog.

Wishberry Crowdfunding Campaign Backers

Ayan Hazra, Shayon Pal, Prashant Jain, Vishnu Ratheesh, Cyrus Daruwala, Chandan Kumar, Harshil Karia, Jyoti Patil, Mats Isenberg, Gaurav Jain, Sneha Golecha, Parag Thakur, Anshulika Dubey, D-J Haanraadts, Sembian Vijayakumar, Gaurav Pant, Sanaya Ardeshir, Sunil Chandak, Roshan, Arnab Mitra, Rohildev NV, Abhishek Gupta.

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